Friday, May 10, 2013

Spindrifter - Sea Lace (2013)

Spindrifter – Sea Lace (2013)

Spindrifter - Sea Lace (2013)

Spindrifter's album now on sale!
Dream pop rock
You can buy the songs on CD Baby!
Drown in the dreamscape of water music!
Swim in the Lake of Bliss ~
Swim in Sky Rivers ~
Stroke Sea Curves ~
Stare at Solar Flare!

Bask in the Sun of Bliss ~
Bathe in Sea Foam ~
Dress in Sea Lace ~
Drink Sky Spirits!
Break the sky into smithereens !

Plunge into the abyss of time!
Flee to the Land of Mist
and wander where you list!
Discover the Palace of Ice
and finally find solace!

~ Spindrifter (2013)

Song List

1. Sky Rivers

2. Sky Spirits

3. Sky Break

4. Solar Flare

5. Lake Bliss

6. Lost Abyss

7. Sea Curves

8. Smithereens

9. Land of Mist

10. Palace of Ice
Sara Adeline Mazzolini, copyright 2012-2013

You can listen to Metaluna here!


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